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Thank you for taking time to visit For the Well-Rounded Mind.

We are super passionate about reading, education and communication new thoughts and ideas about a wide range of subjects. We believe that being well-rounded is the key to happiness. We strive to make our publication interesting, relevant and well-rounded.

Before you contact us, here’s one thing you should know:

We are always open to suggestions, ideas and opinions. We bend the rules as a periodical. We want our content to be fun, creative and thought provoking. Our contributors write from personal experience and often times self-taught and are usually authorities on a subject, but not always. Our contributors are writers who have advanced their knowledge and out of the box thinking thinking with actual experience and expertise. We believe actual experience is often times, but not always, more important than wrote theories. Because of this, we bring you a totally unique magazine, independently written.

For the Well-Rounded Mind is a unique publication for self-understanding and personal discovery. All insights offered are to be based on your own interpretation and sound mind. For the Well-Rounded Mind does not always agree or endorse the authors opinions, or perceptions, but strives to give our readers the best information by individuals who are already well-rounded, unbiased and critical in their thinking. The content is intended to balanced, well-rounded and act as a sounding board to provoke a greater mind. We provide a group forum on our blog: which can be accessed through our website at All services and pieces of information are to be used and applied at your own risk and assessed based on sound mind and decision making.

We do not not claim to be experts in subject matters within our publication. We are always open to new writers and contributors who are, and do welcome those who are interested in contributing to submit a bio, sample articles and credentials if any, that support their desired subject of opinion. If you would like to become a contributor you may contact us through our website, or write us directly.

With that said, if you would like more information about any of our contributors, would like to inquire about speaking engagements, order a subscription, or would like to submit sample articles to become a contributor, please click here to contact.

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We sincerely wish you all the best and look forward to speaking soon!